ONE HEALTH International Summer Course 2016

ONE HEALTH International Summer Course 2016

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The international summer course One Health aims to provide knowledge, skills and competences regarding efficient solutions to the multifaceted global challenges to human, animal and environmental health through cross- disciplinary research, education and collaboration between relevant institutions and stakeholders. The summer course primarily focuses on zoonoses, emerging diseases, and emerging health-related problems (drug resistance, toxins, pollution, etc.).

The Summer Course provides insight into and a critical overview of the methods used in the One Health approach by drawing on the successful Danish and/or international achievements characterized by widely cross-disciplinary collaboration between public authorities, public administrations, research bodies and industry sectors.

The Summer Course is composed of two modules; a 5-weeks e-learning module dealing with weekly assignments (video lectures, quizzes, exercises and on-line discussions) and a 1-week on-campus part with lectures, exercises and group work.

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